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Finding and using the right product is key to a successful result. Whether it is in a domestic, commercial or industrial situation we can guide you through the extensive range of products on the market. We have built up a wealth of experience through dealing with decorating queries over the years and there is rarely a query for which we cannot find a solution. Either call or pop into your local branch where our staff will be pleased to help you.


A wide range of specialist coatings are available for walls; fire retardant coatings, silicone paints, stabilising solutions, self cleaning masonry paints, magnetic, anti-static, anti-bacterial, anti-climb, anti-vandal, luminous, fluorescent, heat-resistant, fungicidal and squash court paints are all available.


An extensive range of protective paint coatings giving durability to concrete, brick, tile and wooden floors, in addition to clear sealers for concrete floors and varnishes, oils and waxes for decorative purposes on wooden floors. More specialist floor paints include tennis court and swimming pool paints as well as a range of options for line marking.


A broad range of products for the painting, repairing and waterproofing of roofs. Ranging from all weather treatments for asphalt, cement, concrete, lead, iron and roofing felt to bituminous compounds, emergency roof seals or special roof grade solar reflective paints.